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About the Studio

Katie Agresta Vocal Studios Inc. offers instruction in vocal technique, performance, song interpretation and vocal therapy, as well as coaching for language and diction. Singers of all backgrounds and abilities are welcome in Katie's studio. 

The Katie Agresta Vocal Technique

The training was originally developed by Katie's teacher Dr. Edward J. Dwyer (Teacher's College at Columbia University). During the 20 years Katie studies with him, they adapted his very scientific training, which was originally created for the strength and stamina needed for Broadway and Opera Singers, to address the needs of the Contemporary Singer and the clients that Katie has trained these many years. This technical training has been used as a foundation for all kinds of singing styles and is supported by over 40 years of medical research. It has served many different kinds of artists needs because of its unique approach. 


The studio specializes in the development of a the vocal technique which can be applied to all different styles of singing, especially since this training is based on such in-depth research on the relationship between singing and the human anatomy and its functions. Katie also specializes in extremely damaged voices, including treatment of nodules and other related vocal pathology caused by over-singing and extensive touring.

Consulting and Production

Katie Agresta provides career, tour and recording consultation and preparation, as well as Master Classes at Manners' School of Music, Queens College, and UCLA, among others. She has co-worked with Grammy Award and Tony Award winning singers and producers, co-produced vocal tracks and provided production support as well as on-site coaching for a wide and varied host of clientele. Katie has also served as a recording studio consultant for several major independent labels, including (but not limited to) The Hit Factory, Record Plant, The Power Station and Sony Studios. 

Notable Projects

Consultant to Bon Jovi World Tours, Jersey Boys Worldwide (Tony Award's Best Musical 2006), Kinky Boots Worldwide (Tony Award's Best Musical 2013): trained principles and cast members of Rent, Jekyl & Hyde, Jesus Christ Superstar, Ragtime, Les Miserables, Chorus Line, Avenue Q, along with many others.
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