1. PRIVATE LESSONS - Please call our Studio to get information about the lessons and about payment 
options and to schedule your appointment. Private lessons are available either in person or on Skype or FaceTime.
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2. DIRECT ACCESS for users of the Performance Day App

The Performance Day App is now available on Google Play. Coming Soon to the App Store!

The current price for this service is an introductory rate of $75.00. 
Submit your materials and payment to gain Direct Access below.

To learn more about the App and Direct Access to Katie CLICK HERE

To Gain Direct Access, Submit the Following in the form at the bottom of this page.

a. Information
In this space please let me know a little bit about your background in music and singing, as well as your goals. Background includes prior musical instruction and/or performance experience. If you are a beginner, perhaps you would like to share your goals about what you would like to achieve through vocal training. There is a also space provided for you to add any additional comments and thoughts.

b. Photo
Please take a picture of yourself and add this to your submission so that I know what you look like.
With your pictiure, I can more accurately analyse how you are making sound to be able to provide a more precise suggestion as to what vocal exercises you need to do next.

c. Recording Share
Using our Recording Share, please submit a recording of yourself singing either scales and/or a short sample of a song so that I can hear how you are doing and make the appropriate suggestions to you as to which exercises from the App that you should focus on next.

d. Payment The full payment for Direct Access is a Non-Refundable Fee.

In order for your submission to be complete, I will need to have all of the above items to make a proper diagnosis of your current vocal state in order to make the correct suggestions for you as to what will be your focus of study. No submissions will be processed without all the items and without full non-refundable payment. All information is guaranteed 100% private and will only be personally reviewed by myself. You will receive an honest assessment of your current needs that can be addressed by using the App. 

As a reminder, this service is for people who have purchased the Performance Day App and want a more tailored experience within the App. You can purchase the App on the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Your submission will be processed on a first come, first serve basis and will be answered as quickly as possible. 
Direct Access is a non-refundable service.

Please keep in mind that this is not a substitution for full and complete training for the singer. This is considered a supplemental aid to help in the furthering of your vocal skills. Although the exercises are directly taken from the training that I have taught for so long, in order to have full training as a singer, it is still my belief that you must still pursue your training under the guidance of a experienced and completely trained legitimate teacher of singing.

Form Submission

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